Windows 7 Pro

Windows 7 Pro

Windows 7 Professional Installation, Configuration and Repair Services Lima, Peru

Windows 7 Professional continues to be the standard in corporate and government IT environments in Lima, Peru.  This version has proven to be stable, secure, and feature reach to the point where most companies see no reason to upgrade their desktops just yet.  Windows Server 2008 and 2012 support the Windows 7 Professional platform, which means that this version still has some years left before Microsoft decides to retire it.

The combination of Windows 7 Professional and Active Directory from Windows Server bring stability and security down to the desktop and allows IT departments to control and secure the user environment.  With so many threats both from the internet as well as internally, security for your users and network becomes a basic need. 

Control Internet Access

There is no doubt that productivity suffers when you have users visiting web sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube and others that are non-business related.  Windows 7 Professional and Active Directory allow IT departments to block web sites based on groups, which in turn also allows private businesses to control and manage internet bandwidth by eliminating unnecessary traffic.

Manage User Environments

Let’s face it, in almost every network there is always going to be one or two users who are not computer savvy and often tend to make mistakes.  While this condition can be mitigated with proper training, mistakes are always going to be made and system administrators need to be prepared for the accidental deletion of data, for example; or accidental download of a virus from the internet.  Windows 7 professional has the security features that will prevent users from downloading and installing unsecured programs from the internet.  

Manage Hardware Resources

Windows 7 professional and Active directory allows IT departments to control access and manage resources in personal computers and laptops.  With windows 7 professional and Active Directory you can enable or disable the DVD drive, USB Ports and other components.  Disabling USB Ports can prevent data theft by not allowing data to be copied to USB devices.  

Servicios PBTEC has qualified Microsoft Professionals who can design, configure, install and maintain secure networks using Microsoft Windows 7 Professional for the desktop and Windows Server 2008 and 2012 for servers.  We also support Apple OS X and Ubuntu Desktop operating systems under Microsoft domains.  We serve the entire Lima metro area.

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