Microsoft Exchange Server Installation and Maintenance Services in Lima, Peru

Microsoft Exchange servers are more than just a send and receive e-mail server!  They are also an excellent communication and collaboration platform.  Exchange Servers have become the standard e-mail platform for most businesses because it provides services that are really essential for the day to day operation of businesses of any size.  With Microsoft Exchange Server your users will be able to keep most of their communication information in one single place.  Users can keep a database and manage all of their contact information, calendaring, tasks, notes and other important information that must be readily available to end users so they can do their work.  

Mobile Services

Microsoft Exchange Servers increase productivity by allowing users to take all of their information with them regardless of the device they use.  With Exchange Active Sync and Outlook Anywhere users can carry all of their information in laptops, iPhones, Androids and tablets.  In addition, should you find yourself on the road with no device to access your information; you can still access your Exchange account from any other computer or laptop using the Outlook Web Access (OWA).  Should you find yourself in a hotel for example, you can use one of their computers with internet access to access your account using a regular browser like Internet Explorer, google chrome, firefox and others.  

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