Welcome to our Information Technology Solutions Page

Servicios PBTEC has well over 25 years of experience providing technology solutions to businesses of all sizes in Lima, Peru.  We provide solutions that match your needs to perfection, using only proven technology from indutry leading players like Microsoft, HP, DELL, IBM, Linux and others.  Our solutions match technology to your business processes so that you can take advantage of automation to make your entire company more productive and more flexible to be better prepared for the challanges ahead.  

Servicios PBTEC Offers "Packaged Solutions" for the most common business needs including:

  • * E-Mail Services for communication and collaboration
  • * Tech Support and HelpDesk services for end users
  • * Data backup Services to protect your invesments and for recovery from disasters
  • * Accounting services using off the shelf applications like Quickbooks, Peachtree and others
  • * Software and Database Development Services for when off the shelf solutions no longer work


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