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Data Centers

Dedicated Server Hosting Services - Data Centers in Lima, Peru

Hosting servers in a data center is becoming quite fashionable in Peru and technology for Private Cloud systems is helping to fuel this trend.  Servicios PBTEC offers all the services you need to host your servers in a secure co-location.  Hosting your servers in a data center has many advantages as well as considerable savings when your factor in all of the expenses associated with maintaining and hosting your own systems in-house.  Here are some services you take advantage of by hosting your servers in a data center:

1) Internet Access - Data Centers always have better, more stable and faster internet access.  These days the internet connection is a mission critical tool for most businesses.  So what do you do if your internet line goes down?  This is the kind of thing that happens often in Lima as well as the rest of the country, the infrastructure is not always as reliable as we would like it to be.  If you rely on your local email server but the internet line is down, so is you e-mail server and you are no longer receiving e-mails.  Putting your server in a data center can help mitigate this problem.

2) Controlled Environment - Data Centers provide air conditioning systems that help extend the life of your equipment and prevent heat related hardware problems.  In addition, data centers have better and more stable power connection and UPS systems that can keep your systems running when there is a power outage.  

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