We specialize in on-site computer repair for businesses of all sizes in the Lima Metro Area. Whether your computer is having hardware failures or your Operating system has become corrupt, we can help you!

We offer a full range of services designed for the Small Business or Home User. Our services are designed to help you get back to using your computer as quickly as possible. Depending on your needs, we offer data backup services, network configuration services, and restoration services.

Repairing a computer isn’t just a matter of replacing broken components; there is also the need for re-installing the operating system; configuring the new OS installation to access your network or the internet; restoring your data, assuming you have a backup; re-loading of all your applications back requires also the restoration of your data generated using these applications, such as email data in outlook or accounting database restoration in applications like QuickBooks and others. Bringing your computer back to "the way it was" is our specialty.  We work on most Personal Computers and Laptops from HP, SONY, LENOVO, DELL, IBM and others. 

Call us at (51)1 641-9473/942-754-710 or write to us at

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We Serve the entire Lima Metro Area
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